I am a Doterra IPC.

I am a Doterra IPC.

That stands for Independant Product Consultant.
I offer affordable solutions and alternatives to people’s health and beauty needs. I teach people how to use oils and promote lifestyle changes..

I buy products, I share them and sell them at my office or on the road and I make a profit. If I don’t have a product in stock, a customer can purchase it online or fax in an order and Doterra pays me a commission. This is direct sales.

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When I teach others to do earn income doing the same, I make commissions off each product they sell. This is multi-level marketing. Doterra pays up to 7 Levels with Dynamic compression with percentages that increases the deeper you build.

When I build my network or organization volume to a certain amount and develop leaders with income, then I receive a bonus which is a portion of Doterra’s global sales for the month I’ve met those qualifications. In April 2011, Doterra had monthly sales of over $3 Million.

If you are the first 25 people to open a country with qualifications you receive 1/25 of 1% of the countries entire sales.

In December 2010, I achieved the rank of Premier.
In May 2011, I achieved the rank of Silver.