I reached Doterra Silver status.

Thank you everyone for your continued support.

I entered a conference call yesterday , to be congratulated by Emily wright on reaching silver status with other leaders across the United States.


Silver status is the first leadership position offered by Doterra.
Everyone that has a mission of sharing alternative ways such as essential oils from Doterra, should reach this position.

Reaching this position opens up the possibilities for everyone on the Doterra team.

What seemed so far, now seems possible and doable. Knowing how to reach the silver position is a step towards Diamond position which is within reach. Being in a Diamond position allows you to have a full time income promoting great health.

More than money, it’s about freedom and the mission.

6% of global sales are distributed amongst leaders. Many leaders reinvest into the Doterra team, products, and classes. I have flown people, provided samples, pay for Zyto bioscans, and have an 750 sq ft office for consultants to use. This part of the mission to better people’s quality of life and health.

I believe that when people take time to educate and share products, they should be compensated so that they can continue doing the good works.

I believe compensation can help people live healthier, eat heather, and have a free lifestyle.

Doterra products are marketed through direct sales.

These are products that have to be experienced first hand.
These products require continued education conitunal use,and testimonies that are shared with others that can only be done through direct sales.

Direct sales allows one person to connect to others, heart to heart.

I am honored to be part of a company with a great mission and is a great vehicle for passive and income that comes through teamwork.