Witnessing a miracle with doTERRA and seeing Sandra walk after a stroke.

The beauty of doing doTERRA is that it gives you the ability to touch lives of people that you never met before.

I first saw Sandra as she was dropped off by the handivan at my office. Sandra is a friend of Tarita Tehotu.

Tarita Tehotu and Howard Nakata had scheduled to do the neuropathy technique in the back.
I’ve met many people that have difficulty walking. With Sandra it was different, she could not walk at all. She wheeled herself through the door which is a difficult task. Most would get up to walk the rest of the way.

They then begun to lift her to the massage table. Sandra panicked as she hasn’t left her chair and is not used to people carrying her. To bathe, she normally is simply wiped down.

They then did the AromaTouch and Neuropathy Technique.

She left happy and that was the last time I seen her.

It wasn’t till I was informed by a fellow IPC Joan, that a Sandra has an amazing testimony. I knew of only one Sandra that couldn’t walk.¬† I checked with Tarita to verify if Sandra was the same woman who came to my office. Yes, she was.
Apparently, out of love Tarita continued to do the technique with Sandra day in and day out.

Tarita also provided the Lifelong Vitality Pack with confidence that she will see a change. Initially Sandra’s family was wary of a perceived sales pitch but deep down Tarita knew that it may aid her some where somehow.

We’ve seen many people benefit from the Neuropathy Technique but this stuck out to Howard. I asked him why. He told me, “Holan, Sandra couldn’t walk because she had a stroke.”

The stroke has affected many of her movements. Sandra wasn’t able to move her arm before. Today, she shares with joy and pride that some movement has returned to one of her arms.

I was excited, “I told people of Sandra, walking again after her stroke.” I refrained from writing about her until I got all the facts correct.

I once told people, Sandra could walk after a few months of not being able to walk. Tarita corrected me and said, “Holan, it wasn’t three months. She couldn’t walk for four years.” Having to help my own brother rehabilitate after surgery for six months not being able to walk, I could only imagine how much four years felt.

The more I learned, the more passionate I grew for doTERRA essential oils and it’s mission¬† to help others with similar circumstances.

What really impacted me and brought me to tears was the video that Tarita took of Sandra.

The video can be seen here:

Sandra starts walking at 5:34 in the video.

Hearing stories and meeting people such as Sandra has given me a new perspective of life.

To Sandra, living life meant walking again.

To her, if she was given a chance to walk again, she is able to do what she is passionate about with her church ministry.

I saw people that had a difficulty walking, now walking tall. Seeing a person who was confined to a chair getup and take steps they never took in years was breathtaking.

To me, the hero of the story is Sandra. She was persistent and didn’t give up hope.
Although her family grew tired being offered an alternative product after product,
Sandra was willing to give her friend Tarita a shot with her full efforts.

Her story continues to keep hope alive for many people.

Sandra is a woman full of faith towards God. She gives God all the glory and is thankful for being surrounded by people that love her.

Sandra continues to use doTERRA’s CPTG essential oils and purchases the Lifelong Vitality Pack with the support of her family.

I am very thankful to be a part of doTERRA. It is easy to think that we go out and touch people’s lives. This time, my life was touched by Sandra.