Building a doTERRA Business in Philippines: Keeping the Momentum Going

Expanding into another international market is not easy, especially if the market is not yet open. It takes time, resources, skills, and the support of your team, others, and the company.

Almost every month, either I, a member of our team or my upline is in the Philippines to update the existing doTERRA wellness advocates. Since doTERRA is not yet shipping in the country, we have to bring or ship products from the United States and bring materials and education.

Every time I come back to the Philippines, I work with our existing team, new prospects I meet while living there, and leads given to me from contacts in the US. Overall, it’s a lot of essential oil education and building relationships.

Teaching an essential oil class in Quezon City. February 2019

Building in the Philippines is similar to building in any other country. It’s a lot of followup and getting people to events. Events are important since it creates community. Our strength is our community where people share their experiences on how they use the oils and how they overcome challenges sharing the oils and building a business. Fortunately, doTERRA corporate hosts large events too.

I was fortunate to collaborate with other doTERRA leaders to teach classes in the Philippines. We taught classes in Quezon City. I’m excited to see growth in the early stage of doTERRA Philippines.

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