Hello, and welcome to my life

My name is Holan Nakata. I am 31 years old, Filipino & Japanese American, tech junkie, essential oil enthusiast, love all things Disney (D23 club member that has been to every Disney park around the world), manga lover (current obsession: One Piece), follower of Christ, foodie… and I love to travel with my wife Cassy.

From a young age, I was fiercely passionate about business. Both my parents were entrepreneurs. During the recession, when I was 19 years old, I withdrew from my studies in college and started my own business. I leased a ground floor commercial space in Honolulu and started a mobile phone retail store which I ran by myself for several years. 

After I phased out my mobile phone store, I focused on my career as a full time network marketing professional with my wife. This profession allows both of us to work from home (or anywhere we choose to), set our own working hours (and vacation time), and travel the world promoting health & wellness products and services that we use and love.

I have been fortunate to travel around the globe visiting 10 countries, 10 states, and countless airlines with my wife. We’re not slowing down. I continue to show people the benefits of living healthy, preventing lifestyle disease, and utilizing natural solutions for every day health. My wife and I love inspiring people to take control of their health. We enjoy doing what we do.

My wife and I being interviewed on television by Hawaii News Now.

How did I end up in this profession? I started this profession as a way to support my father. He asked me to help him by conducting meetings and teaching customers and distributors about health and wellness products out of my office. I enrolled with the company dōTERRA International in 2010. Sales grew and things got busier. Soon I was traveling across the United States teaching classes to thousands of people. When I closed down my store in Hawaii in 2012 , I became a full time network marketing professional with dōTERRA International. I thank my dad for sharing the opportunity.

Now, I am honored have the privilege of working with my wife as my business partner where we do life together.