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Hi, I’m Holan Nakata! I am an essential oil consultant based in Las Vegas, Nevada. I grew up around plant medicine and nutraceuticals. When I was introduced to essential oils over 10 years ago, it made sense to incorporate them into my life and share with others. Since then, I’ve taught hundreds of classes and workshops, in person and online. I love sharing the benefits of essential oils and other nutraceuticals to people who are looking for natural non-drug approaches for their health and wellness.


As a Jesus follower, I believe it is important to keep Christ the center of my life and practice a healthy lifestyle without compromising my faith. I support Christians who are interested in health and wellness, but may require assistance identifying and avoiding some wellness industry practices and ideologies that go against biblical teachings and Christian doctrine. I truly believe that Jesus Christ is is not only the healer of our physical bodies, but also the restorer of our hearts and souls. When we are reconciled to God through Christ, we experience wholeness, God’s love, peace and joy that surpasses our understanding. That is true health and wellness.

Financial Stewardship

My wife and I operate a direct selling health and wellness business as independent contractors. For both our personal and professional lives, smart money management is essential. I'm passionate about developing financial literacy. My wife and I created a business that brings in passive income so that we live comfortably and spend more time together. I enjoy talking with others about strategies to increase wealth, reduce taxes, and practice responsible money management. I believe everything we have ultimately belongs to God and that we are called to use our financial blessings and time wisely for His purposes and glory.

Travel, Culture & Food

I enjoy making connections with people and finding out about their origins, family histories, customs, traditions, and food. I was exposed to many different cultures while growing up in Honolulu. I believe learning about different cultures and traveling can broaden one's outlook on the world and open one's mind to new points of view. I serve in the reconciliation ministry at my church. I want to see relationships in the community repaired and social, cultural, and economic barriers taken down. I believe that getting to know people via conversation, sharing meals, and sharing stories is a crucial step toward reconciliation.

Passions, Interests & Hobbies

I love to learn new things. I enjoy reading, viewing videos online, listening to podcasts, and going to seminars and workshops. I'm interested in history, science, electronics, anime, movies, personal finance, food, religion, culture, and wellness. When I’m not working, I enjoy going to church, serving in ministry, and studying the bible. My wife and I like to watch police procedurals and anime together in our spare time. My favorite music artists are Adele, Bruno Mars, and Kanye West. I’m a big fan of One Piece and all things Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars. When I’m back in Hawaii, I love going to the beach and hiking. Tokyo, Manila, and Honolulu are my three favorite travel destinations. Eating and learning about cuisine is my favorite pastime. Let's connect if you have some similar interests!

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